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Nottingham NET Fast in Numbers


NET FAST Expansion would be the most significant infrastructure projects ever undertaken in the Midlands. From improving journey times across Nottingham to easing congestion and offering better connections, NET FAST will change the way people travel around the Greater Nottingham Area and beyond.




NET Fast will be one of the UK’s largest construction project – we would like work to start in 2020.


NET Fast will transform rail transport in Nottingham and the East Midlands, supporting regeneration and cutting journey times across the city.


The NET Fast route will run over 50km from East Midlands in the west, through refurbished tunnels under central Nottingham to North, South and East of the City. There will be 70 New Stations


NET Fast will bring an extra ½ million people to within 30 minutes of central Nottingham and will link Nottingham’s key employment, leisure and business districts, enabling further economic development.


Construction of the new tram lines will support regeneration across the City and County and add an estimated £5bn to the economy of the East Midlands over the first decade.


The total funding envelope to deliver NET Fast is £2.3bn based on the actual cost of 2 and 3 which are 10.8 miles long and cost £560 million pounds (this did include a number of new trams) Allowing £60 million for the trams, the cost per miles of the new lines was £46.2 million pounds per mile or £26,304 per yard, I know!


The new lines excluding Toton to Derby have a total length of 51.75 miles, therefore, assuming the same cost (even thou most of the lines are on old track beds or in fields) the cost would be £2.3 billion pounds. To give some perspective on that, Cross Rail One project cost £14.8 billion and Cross Rail Two is expected to cost approximately £30 billion. The refurbishment of London Bridge station is costing £1 billion and Thames link is costing £6 billion.

London is around 13 times the size of the Greater Nottingham Urban Area and suffered very little cuts under Beeching, whereas Nottingham was savaged!


Increased capacity:


NET FAST will increase central Nottingham’s rail-based capacity by 400% - the largest increase since ever seem. This will reduce congestion and allow for more comfortable journey conditions for the next 50 years plus.


Congestion along many routes in and around the City and County will be reduced.


Improved connectivity:


NET Fast will improve connectivity: it will make it easier for businesses to move about Nottinghamshire, to meet clients and negotiate with suppliers and to enjoy Country Parks etc. Sports fans from all over the City and beyond will be able to travel to our main venues such as Trent Bridge,  the City Ground and Meadow Lane.


Moreover, NET Fast will make accessing our Airport and Gateway at East Midlands more accessible - for instance, the journey time from Nottingham to EMA will be 25 minutes for the non-stop services.


NET Fast will increase the number of people who are able to access employment destinations throughout Nottinghamshire.  This will enable businesses to access the people with the skills they need to be able to compete and succeed and to open up new employment opportunities for individuals.


Overall, NET Fast will bring ½ million more people within a 20 to 30 minutes commute of the existing employment centres of Nottingham.


This improved connectivity will also be designed to help people with restricted mobility.  New NET Fast stations will have step-free access from platform to street level.








The project does not require expensive giant tunnel boring machines to burrow below the streets of Nottingham to construct 3km of new rail tunnels, the Victoria’s built them for us.


The tunnels do require refurbishment although they were built using Mapperley ‘blue’ bricks which are regarded as the strongest of the type and therefore the tunnels remain in excellent condition, with the exception of Mapperley tunnel which suffered from subsidence damage.




More work for the Tunnelling and Underground Construction Academy (TUCA) is a purpose-built training facility that supports the key skills required to work in tunnel excavation, underground construction and infrastructure.


NET Fast will use the established an accredited Tunnel Safety Card (TSC) in response to an industry need for standardised tunnelling health and safety training




We require that at least 80 percent of construction machinery to be used are fitted with pollutant reducing emission controls;

We require that at least 95 percent of material excavated from sites was beneficially reused;

We require that at least 95 percent of the contracts awarded by NET Fast are to UK companies.

We require independent scrutineers to look at every cost and contract to ensure value for money.




Research for other similar projects showed planning applications within a kilometre of new stations increased substantially.

NET Fast could help create billion’s in added value to residential and commercial real estate along its route between 2020 and 2030.

NET Fast could support the delivery of over 50,000 new homes and millions of square metres of commercial space at locations including Cotgrave, Tollerton, Plumtree, Clifton, Barton, Gedling, Keyworth, Gotham, Arnold, Bestwood, Watnall, Giltbrook, Awsworth, Kimberley, Cinderhill and Kegworth.


Commercial office values around NET Fast stations in central Nottingham will increase over the next decade, with an uplift of 10 percent in capital value above an already rising baseline projection.


Residential capital values are projected to increase immediately around NET Fast stations in central Nottingham by 25 percent, and by 20 percent in the suburbs, again above a rising baseline projection.


NET is already having an impact on property investment decisions particularly in West and North Nottingham.


The impact of NET Fast on residential property market will also extend out to East Midlands Airport and Derby.




From 2023 onwards.


This report is based on Crossrail Project Data and other data freely available. Feel free to commission your own very expensive report that will be as subjective and carry no guarantees or accountability what-so-ever.  




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