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Retail Parking Space Levy (RPSL)

This is an identical scheme to the workplace parking levy. Each and every retail space in the Greater Nottingham boundary area will be required to pay per year £379. There will, of course, be exemptions (See Below)

Owners or tenants of parking facilities may choose to mitigate these additional costs by implementing car park charges such arrangements are between tenant and car park owner.

Reducing parking facilities may only be carried out after seeking planning approval, abandoned spaces will be charged at the full rate until redeveloped or return to public space.

Consumers can avoid parking charges by using public transport, including the tram or walking.

Professional sporting facilities will be subject to this charge. Although the parking facilities at the rear of Nottingham Forest Football club may be exempt if this area is given a free long to term lease as Park and Ride with the council maintaining lights and tarmac etc. Closure of park and ride facilities on match days will be accepted. The same exemption may apply at Wheatcroft Island is the site owners agree to a similar scheme.


The bottom line is that if your retail space generates traffic then you will pay. Car parks that charge may choose to increase their charges to cover the charge, that is their choice. Supermarkets will be required to charge for parking and may not provide free parking any longer. This is to ensure equality for all retailers. The additional burden is at the rate of £1.03 per day, this will increase over time.

It is conservatively estimated that there are 50,000 spaces in 'Greater Nottingham' this would generate £18.9 million pounds per year. We encourage all other areas to implement these charges.

Disabled parking bays are not exempt and the disabled will be treated with total equality.


Before you start getting upset about this give IKEA a ring and ask them how much they take on a busy Saturday, try the same with ASDA or TESCO. How many times have you seen the car park at Showcase rammed, go and have a look on a Friday or Saturday evening!


I know from first-hand accounts some supermarkets have million pound days!


If we build a tram network similar to what is proposed here Nottingham's economic and environmental future will be secured for decades to come.  As the City and Suburbs grow over the next hundred years, we will have the infrastructure to cope.  Take a look at aerial photographs of Nottingham between the Wars and compare them with now, don't tell me a station will have no passengers, is that now or forever?  What happens when Cotgrave, Keyworth, Gotham, Gedling, Bestwood, Awsworth, Kimberley etc. double in size, you don't think that will happen?


Our inner City is heavily built upon, more houses are needed both now and in the future.  Mapperley is a classic example, there are 7500 homes due to be built on the Gedling Colliery site with Mapperley via Woodborough Road being a key route, have you notice how bad it is getting from the small development on Spring Lane?  if you don't act now Nottingham will become gridlocked over the next few decades, it won’t matter how wide you make the ring round or whether your car is electric, too many people and not enough space, or do you just want us to all stay at home?



Park n Ride Sites.
Independent Public Houses (Sole Trader Sites)
Garden Centres (Sole Trader Sites)
Country Parks
Community Parking Schemes (Car parking spaces provided by Councils).
Medical Facilities including Doctors and Dentists.
Propriety parking (Where less than 10 spaces are provided)

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