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This site has now been featured on BBC Radio Nottingham

So everyone is talking, mostly positive!  As for the cost, if you work on the route mile cost of the existing network, which was ridiculously expensive, then it would cost £2.3 billion, which central Government should pay, in compensation for the Beeching atrocity


Thames link is costing £6 Billion - what about us!

How about Tesla Trams?

Telsa is now able to produce at HGV with a 500-mile range, can that technology be transferred into new trams?  No overwires, massive saving in construction cost?

Fly the Routes!

See Net 6 First!  More to follow 

Routes being blocked by poor planning.

These are known 'blights' (blockages on routes) please send us your findings

1. Meadow Lane - Potential permission for flats that would block the routes to Cotgrave and Keyworth

2. Davids Lane - Construction of houses on former Great Northern Route.

3. Gedling Pit - Housing development, it looks as if provision may have been made for a route, confirmation required.

4. Nottingham Station - New College blocking access East Bound from the City

Nottingham's 'Billion' Pound Tunnels - Our Own 'Cross Rail' - Destroyed by Beeching!

Good news people, they are already built, just not used.  Could you imagine the cost of building new ones!  Yes, they will need repair and refurbishment and the district heating scheme will need to be dealt with as well as a fair few houses and gardens!


1. Victoria Centre to Mansfield Road - blocked at Mansfield Road end.(1,189-yards) 

2. Nottingham Station to Victoria centre - Blocked by Art Gallery and Car park at Victoria Centre.(418 yards)

3. Thoneywood - Tunnel intact - block by housing development at the south end (PorchesterRoad).(408-yard)

4. Sherwood Tunnel - Block at the south end, clear at north.
5. Sherwood Rise Tunnel - blocked south End, path at North blocked by housing (665-yards)

5. Gedling Tunnel - Clear at both ends, damaged by subsidence in 1962 needs repair (Not on route plan, yet!) 

6. Sneinton Tunnel is - Visible at North end, blocked at south (128 yards long)

7. Ashwell Tunnel (Sherwood Park) blocked at both ends tunnel still intact. (70-yard long) 


If we were to list every multi-billion pound asset that Nottingham City Council and others have allowed to be destroyed or blighted, you would be shocked. You would ask where is the joined-up thinking? It seems the City Council is more interested in bike lanes!


This isn't nostalgia, I wasn't born when these tunnels were in use, this is common sense. I don't want to share the roads with trams, chances are within the next 100 years humans will be living on Mars and we will still be travelling to Beeston at an average speed of 14.3 mph!


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