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The line to Giltbrook is 100% segregated (not shared with road traffic) The line utilises sections of both the former Great Northern and Midland Railways.   Kimberley would gain 3 stops at Main Road Kimberley, Kimberley Central and Kimberley Brewery. There is one road crossing south of Kimberley Brewery. A bridge over the A610 and after the Awsworth stop a further Bridge back over the A610, the line drops down to its terminus at Giltbrook.


Please use the interactive map to see the exact route. And yes we are aware the Google imaginary is not up to date, we have made a request via the GEO team at Google to remap the area.


Breakdown of cost

£4 million - Land purchase including Legal fees
£4 million - Site clearance and levelling work.

£8 million - 8 miles of track including ballast
£4 million - 4 miles of overhead wires and signalling.*

£9 million - 2 Bridges over the A610

£6 million - 6 stations
£5 million - Repairs/Refurbishment to Watnall Tunnel



29 Masts per mile i.e 55m apart.

Retail Parking Levy (Figures are per year)

£947,000 - 2500 Car parking spaces at Giltbrook (Ikea)
£189,000 - 500 Spaces at Sainsburys Kimberley.


We would be pleased to hear about another large parking area in the immediate area to the East of the A610. 

Farmland cost £10,000 per acre.  A double track railway line is 8 metres wide, there are 1609 metres in a mile.  Therefore 12,872 square metres of farmland are required per mile, that is 3 acres to the mile or £30,000 per mile.  We place the same value on former unused track beds. So allowing £4 Million seems over the top!


The Great Central railway is currently building a bridge over the four tracks of the Midland mainline and 500 metres of an embankment and a further canal bridge and track at a cost of £8 million. With the Bridge cost put at £1 million. 

Giltbrook via Kimberley

Estimated Cost £41 Million

From Phoenix Park to

NET 13

4.03 miles

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