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The line is 97% segregated and adopts the route of much of the Nottingham Suburban, before taking the route of the Great Northern Railway from Daybrook. This is probably the most challenging of all the lines with a short section of St Anns Well Road being the only part not segregated. Demolition is required of some property off Sneinton Dale and old properties at the bottom of Porchester Road.  Some further properties in St Anns would also require demolition and the Gardens that encroached onto the former Nottingham Suburban Railway in Woodthorpe would be reclaimed. A further demo is required around Thackery's Lane and Edwards Lane where a new development has foolishly been allowed along on the Great Northern track bed. A Total of 40 properties at risk.


The cost of the original line of 3¼ miles to Daybrook was £250,000 in 1886 or £22.7 Million in todays money - it took 2 years to build with no CAD, JCB's or other equipment, that included the Stations, Tunnels, Tracks and Bridges!


Please use the interactive map to see the exact route. And yes we are aware the Google imagainary is not up to date, we have made a request via the GEO team at Google to remap the area.

Breakdown of cost

£10 million - Land purchase including Legal fees
£10 miilion - Site clearence and levelling work.
£16 million - 16 miles of track including ballast
£8 million - 8 miles of overhead wires and signalling.*

£20 miilion - 8 Bridges

£10 million - Viaducts

£22 million - 22 stations
£25 miilion - Repairs/Refurbishment of 4 Tunnels

Retail Parking Levy (Figures are per year)

£000,000 - Car parking spaces at Meadow Retail
£000,000 - 


We would be please to hear of other large parking area in the immdeiate area of this line tol list here. 

Mill Lakes via St Ann & Daybrook

Estimated Cost £121 Million

From Nottingham Station to 


8.39 miles

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