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The line is 85% segregated and adopts the route of much of the of the Great Northern Railway from Gedling to Daybrook. (not via Mapperley Tunnel) Leaving Nottingham northbound and taking a new viaduct to the right of Thurland Street down over now demolished housing the line remains elevated until dropping down to a Station at Bio City. The line then gains height and crosses Manvers Street side road before following the railway out of the City making its way along the former Great Northern line before dropping down to street level at the side of Nottingham Race Course and follows Daleside Road for some distance. The line then takes at right-hand bend crossing over the end part of the Race Course and taking a route hugging the banks of the carp bond at Colwick Country Park. The line cross over the car park before making its way along mile end road and no. 2 road by taking the path of the former light industrial railway, skirting along the road the line begins a climb over the no. 3 Road and running adjacent before climbing over the Nottingham to Grantham railway line skirting along the side of Colwick look Road before crossing the junction and joining the line of the former Great Northern up to Gedling Colliery. A number of bridges will require refurbishment along with the former pit line. There is a development planned of 1500 houses and it appears to cover the route GNR - when looking at the plans there does appear to be a gap left, I do not believe this is the tram, however it does demonstrate the lack of joined-up thinking as there is no mention of the plan of a talk about tram to Gedling! COME ON PLANNERS AND DEVELOPERS SORT YOURSELVES OUT.


Gedling Borough demonstrates this again by granting permission for a development on Edwards Lane again on what we see as the only sensible route from East to West and on the GNR Former track bed after the school was demolished.  


Prior to Mapperley tunnel the line climbs up and under plains road and skirts the clean path through the 1966 estate crosses Arnold Lane in front of the Arrow Public hose before running alongside Arno Vale Road before crossing over the Park area at the bottom of Somersby Road and re-joining the former path of the Great Northern Railway emerging behind the former B&Q at Daybrook.  Turning onto to Mansfield Road for a short distance the line then makes a right-hand bend onto Nottingham Road to High Street where it emerges in the Car Park area next to Arnold Swimming Baths.


The three major issues with this route are, the route between Nottingham Station and Bio City and Private Road No.3 until the lines join the Great Northern (Pit Line) The final build issue will be found from Mansfield Road to High Street. Apart from the demolition required immediately near Nottingham Station the only appears to be a few house that need to be demolished near Arno Vale Park and the now GO Outdoors and Carpet Right.


The route also should consider expansion out of Arnold towards the North over the next 25/50 years.


54 Properties were demolished to build the line to Beeston/Toton.


This line does connect with the Suburban line at Daybrook, it is important that planners understand that people don't just want to travel into Nottingham, they travel across. If you run this line just to Gedling then you limit services routes etc.  If you were to live at Gedling and wanted to travel to Nottingham City Hospital you would not take a tram into Nottingham to head north out of Nottingham to the Hospital. Look at our overall route and think about it!


Please use the interactive map to see the exact route. And yes we are aware the Google imaginary is not up to date, we have made a request via the GEO team at Google to remap the area.

From Nottingham Station to 

Arnold via Gedling & Mapperley

8.82 miles


Breakdown of cost

£10 million - Demolition & Land purchase including Legal fees
£8 miilion - Site clearence and levelling work.

£16 million - 16 miles of track including ballast
£8 million - 8 miles of overhead wires and signalling.*

£30 miilion - Bridges and Viaducts

£18 million - 18 stations
£5 million -  Work  on Mansfield Road and Arnold High Street



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