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  • Name Alan W

  • Subject Net 13 (b)

  • Message Extend the line to the former Bennerley works which could be used as a large p&r site as well as linking to the historic Bennerley viaduct. With a future potential with talks to network rail, you could extend to an interchange with Ilkeston railway station or proceed northbound alongside the Erewash Valley line to Alfreton.

  • Sent on: 20 November 2017

    Reply - A Great suggestion, this is what is need positive local comments!.

  • Name S. N

  • Subject Tram routes

  • I think you will find a lot more of the NSR is built on than you have indicated. The section adjacent to Woodthorpe avenue is now being built on and there is a large electricity sub substation occupies NSR land on Marlborough Road would need a bridge. The old buildings on Porchester road are listed buildings. Maybe the planners are scratching there heads on this route.

  • Sent on: 8 October 2017

    Thank you!


       Reply - We are aware of issues like this, however, where there is a will there is a way.

  • Name Luke

  • Subject Tram to the West of the city

  • Hey there. I just wanted to offer my appreciation to this website. As a 20-year-old student in Nottingham, I cannot express how useful the tram is and many of your proposed routes match either closely or entirely to ones I had myself thought of, with one exception. I would like to hear your thoughts on a route to Bilborough (and perhaps beyond) stemming from a viaduct at NG2 to join the main heavy rail line that links Nottingham to the new Ilkeston station. (I'm not sure if trams can be adapted to run on heavy rail lines and the standard tram lines, however) Assuming they can, I would envisage the tram following the heavy rail line to have a stop in Lenton, UoN Jubilee Campus, then possibly a handful of stops as the line passes through the residential areas of Beechdale. The Line would then leave the heavy rail line to join standard roads for stops at the Bilborough Industrial park, residential Bilborough, and then terminating at Bilborough Sixth form college (perhaps with a park and ride situated on the west side of Bilborough road opposite the college. I am still learning Nottingham myself, so I do not know whether the rail line has the capacity to accommodate this. Let me know what you think. Regards Luke

  • Sent on: 18 September 2017

    Reply - Thank you for your thoughts and contribution, look at our other suggestions for this route and area and a southbound curve at Trowell Junction to connect HS2 and Derby with heavy rail.

  • Name John S

  • Subject Cost and disruption

  • Message As you may know, a certain Broxtowe Borough Councillor was caught getting his friends from elsewhere to use aliases to 'big up' the construction of the tram through Beeston and Chilwell. How do we know that this isn't happening again? Also, since the tram network lost £76 million last year (once lines two and three had opened), how do we know that this isn't just throwing good money after bad?

  • Sent on: 21 November 2017

  • Thank you!

    Reply. I would not appoint a single contractor and everything including all costs would be published each week in a newspaper with special attention paid towards the professionals involved i.e. legal etc.  Regards disruption vast majority is separated from roads.



  • Name Richard G

  • Subject New route

  • Message You've missed the idea of picking up the old LNWR route to John o Gaunt at Bingham and linking to the former LMR mainline ay Melton Mowbray

  • Sent on: 21 November 2017

  • Thank you!

    Reply - Over the next 100 years you would expect the routes to be extended as the size of the outer villages and towns increase, this is why the trams need to run at speed! Look at a map of Nottingham from 75 years ago and you will see what we mean.

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